Welcome to Transportation Expense Voucher System - (TEVS)

Effective January 1, 2021, the rate for compensation for use of employee owned automobiles has been changed to $0.56 per mile from $0.575 per mile. This change is in compliance with County policy and made due to the recent decrease by the Internal Revenue Service for allowable standards business reimbursement for mileage. View IRS memo IR-2019-215

To access your personal Transportation Expense Voucher System (TEVS) information, select the appropriate Agency link to the right.  If prompted, enter your Domain Name\User ID and then your network password.

What is TEVS? TEVS is the County's Transportation Expense Voucher System that employees use to prepare mileage reimbursement vouchers for authorized use of personally owned vehicles in the conduct of official County business authorized taxi or public transportation costs related to official County business.

When do I use TEVS? If you are a County employee and have used your personal funds to pay for authorized transportation related to official County business (as noted above), you are required to use TEVS to generate the voucher to be paid back for those expenses.

Please also note:

  • All submissions must be done online through TEVS. Handwritten vouchers are no longer be accepted by the Comptroller Office as of January 1st 2015.
  • All submissions for reimbursement must be submitted within 60 days of travel.
  • See the Cook County Travel & Transportation Policy for more details about allowable expenses and approvals. The Travel and Transportation Policy is in the final stage of being finalized before the Vehicle Steering Committee votes on it. The updated Travel and Transportation Policy will include language on other expenses like meals, airlines, hotels, etc.

How do I use TEVS? What do I need?

If this is your first time using TEVS , please also refer to the User Guide for detailed steps.

1) Prepare the information you will need to submit a request:
  • If you used your private vehicle, you will need your: Vehicle Make, Model, VIN #, Year, and License Plate Number, Insurance Provider, Policy Number, and Expiration Date
  • Your County phone number, County Email, and Driver's License #
  • For each trip, you will need: date of travel, start location, end location, number of miles (if driving), and any parking, toll, taxi, or bus expenses which may have been incurred
2) Log into TEVS.
  • Reference the login links on the right and how the login process works. Can you do this from home? Login format. etc. It is my understanding that employees can only log in from their County computer.
3) Create an online voucher
  • If you used a private vehicle, you will need to add your vehicle and insurance information to the system before starting a voucher. That you can add multiple items/trip info for each voucher. That you can stop and save an incomplete voucher at any time to finish later. You will not have to enter your vehicle and insurance information every time you start a new voucher. There will be a drop down menu to select your saved vehicle information.
4) Submit
  • Once I submit through TEVS how do I get paid back for my expenses? How long does it take? You will be reimbursed for your travel expenses. Travel reimbursements will be added to your bi-weekly payroll check.

TEVS Contacts:

  • If you have issue with logging in or with this site, contact Help Desk 312-603-1390
  • For Business problems or questions, contact Help Desk 312-603-1390

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